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Monday, March 26, 2012

Roads with Rooves

ok i'm back from my travels! time to paint the crap out of some free art.

this is a covered bridge which is kind of similar to a tunnel. similar enough that i am going to take this opportunity to rant about tunnels (seeing as i doubt i will ever get a request for a painting of a tunnel yet i desire to express my feelings towards them).

MAINTAIN SPEED THROUGH TUNNELS! as a native of pittsburgh, a city that's got too many tunnels for it's own good, i'm sick of tunnel traffic. for some reason yinzers can drive on a road but once it's a road with a roof they've got to hit the breaks. next time you're in a tunnel, look up at the reflection on the ceiling and you'll see tons of break lights turning on and off. these are the break lights of dumb people. or frustrated people stuck behind dumb people. or frustrated people stuck behind frustrated people stuck behind frustrated people that were initially slowed down by dumb people that passed through the tunnel hours ago. man, functioning in the world with other humans is complex. and difficult.

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