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Thursday, January 5, 2012

People Like My Handwriting

what the heck? i've gotten six paintings with text on them in the past 3 weeks. and the guy that wanted Kanye Gay Fish asked me to write "Motha F****** Gay Fish" on it after i had finished. i usually do everything the requester asks. this was the first time i really just put my foot down and decided i wouldn't create exactly what he wanted because:

1) i'm uncomfortable having an un-bleeped f word in my gallery
2) i was already done with the painting
3) i don't like having text on my free paintings

this project already makes me feel like i'm making dorm posters or cheap crafts similar to door hangers or greeting cards. and somehow adding text seems to magnify that feeling for me. anyway, i'm sure jenny 'n' nathan are in love with each other and with this painting and they will be together forever and it was important that i write their names out. at least it isn't a pet portrait.

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