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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

These Paintings Have No Home But at Least They Have Each Other

i usually have a bunch of paintings in progress at one time and so i was working on this one at the same time as yesterday's. check out how lovely they look together.

i see the first one as an extension of starry night that moves it into abstract.

though neither of their requesters responded when i told them their free paintings were done and emailed them a photo :( this has been happening a lot lately because my wait list is so long. it's now over a year before i get to a request. stop changing your email addresses, people! i think i'm going to have to start confirming that my requesters still exist, have the same email address and want the same painting before i create them.

anyway, anyone want two paintings that are loosely related and go well together?


Moo said...

they DO look good together. yea, you should definitely confirm that people still exist (especially people who want something specific). but if there's no reply, you can always send it to the next person on the list that doesn't have a special request =P

Mike said...

Too bad! You have all the work and people don't appreciate it. What is the left one actually?

thomas said...

They do look nice together. And it was weird to see you use the word 'lovely.'

Amber said...

*raises hand* Me, me, me!
I would love either/both of them!

Ali Spagnola said...

sorry! they already got claimed. thanks, everyone that emailed!

Mike said...

Did you or did they?