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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Proof That My Art Patrons Are Smart

this is a microcentrifuge tube. though the requester called it an "eppendorf tube" which is actually a genericized trademark. it's the equivalent of calling a bandage a band-aid or a facial tissue a kleenex. there are actually some trademarks that have lost their legal protection this way. Aspirin, Butterscotch, Escalator, Heroin, Kerosene, Phillips-head screw, Pogo (stick), Thermos, Yo-yo and Zipper were all trademarks before the general public made them generic, according to wikipedia. wait a minute. sorry i got distracted. i'm completely neglecting the fact that i just painted a microcentrifuge tube piece of fine art. what??? that's a first for me and i'm guessing the whole world.

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thomas said...

You are not the only one who finds branding interesting, because we actually had this conversation once. I pointed out 'taser' was a name brand and was impressed with myself for teaching you something you didn't know, despite how incredibly trivial it is.

Also, hello.