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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Cute Dog Picture Accompanied by Hostility

a puggle painting. oh good. my two favorite things. a portmanteau and a pet portrait. i swear i've mentioned my distaste for portmanteax many times but i could only find one time where i said that they're the opposite of cute. i did mention avoiding using one in the gallery of my free paintings site. but anyway, they suck and are stupid and dumb and stupid. people think it takes someone intelligent to create a portmanteau and that is not the case. there has been a huge influx of them in marketing lately and it's horrendous. the most painful part is that no one takes a step back and thinks about how putting to words together to make a new word of their combined definition is in no way clever and now unbelievably overused. i could handle "snackelicious" and "Brangelina" if the rest of the world didn't think they were so cool and funny. it's enough to make you hate a puppy.

1 comment:

thomas said...

I never could have handled snackelicious. That one's extra stupid because it's not even euphonious.