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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Please Use a No. 2 Pencil. You May Open Your Booklet Now

sometimes the days get away from me on the weekends. so i'm late to post.

word problem: a family household has five pets. an artist painted one of the pets. about a year later, the family commissioned the artist to paint the rest of the pets. today the artist painted one pet and will continue painting one pet until the series is finished. how many more days in a row will you be looking at pet portraits?

it is a trick question. you don't know because there is a very large chance someone will request another pet portrait immediately following this series.

you also cannot calculate how many you will look at because there is a very large chance you will stop reading this blog before the end of the series due to the fact that you are sick of looking at pet portraits.

1 comment:

thomas said...


The current number of readers is 2, and x is the number of readers left at the end of the series with an attrition rate of 12.5% per day,

Solve for x.


X = Ali's mom.