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Monday, January 31, 2011

No, Mouse! Quit While You're Ahead!

there's something unnatural about chocolate that's white. it's also unnatural how white chocolate convinces me to keep eating it even though it makes me ill. so delicious. and so nauseous. that's the same way my friends and i feel about coldstone ice cream. it never fails to make you sick but you keep eating through the illness. we call it "deliciously ill". and we now protect each other from it. every once in a while one of us will decide that maybe it will be ok to have coldstone. just this one time. no. friends don't let friends eat coldstone.

1 comment:

thomas said...

My favorite thing at Coldstone is their white chocolate thing with the raspberries and almond slivers. It may be the most effeminate ice cream on earth.

I sacrifice a little more masculinity every time i eat it. And i had very little to begin with.