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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Remember That Time I Was Getting Sued?

in May i posted about how the term Power Hour is in jeopardy. i have some info on how the trademark case is going.

i successfully filed an opposition to Steve Roose in May. here's an update from my lawyer on what's going on now:

We are now entering the discovery phase of the opposition, and have held the initial discovery conference. At our request, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board participated in this conference through one of their interlocutory attorneys. After the conference, the interlocutory attorney issued an order which said in part, “The Board noted that applicant . . . will need to establish that he was the first to use the claimed mark and has been policing it. . . . The Board explained to applicant that this is a challenging burden on the facts of this case.”

you can read about the discovery conference on the USPTO website.

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