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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Famous Artist Guest Appearance at Your Picnic

this is the second iceburgh painting i've done. a while after i painted the first one i got an email with the subject "Iceburgh". It went like this:

Good morning Ali;

My name is [Silly, Silly Man] and I'm the Area Coordinator for [Silly Place That Employs Silly Man]. I have been active with [Place] now for 10 years. We have decided this year to have our 1st Annual Community Picnic. Our goal is not only to bring the community together but, to also have some good fun with the neighborhood kids. There will be hamburgers/hot dogs, haluski, drinks, a DJ and a lot of fun games and prizes for the kids. So, I am now officially inviting you to come to our picnic to bring joy to the children's faces. We are only asking for about an hour of your time. We will give you a complimentary lunch. If you already have a prior commitment, I totally understand. If not, don't be shy. We would loooove to see you!! Take care and I hope to hear from you soon!! You can reach me at my home # (XXX) XXX-XXX Hope you are having a good day! By reading your web page, sounds like you are a big kid with a good heart!! :)

-[Silly Man]


i responded with this:

Hi [Silly],
Your email is kind of confusing to me. Why was the subject Iceburgh? Do you think i'm the mascot for the Penguins? Of which web page do you speak?



his reply was:

Oh, do you only do artwork? I typed up Pgh Penguins Mascott Iceburgh and your web site came up. I'm so sorry! I thought you were the mascot. I will keep looking. Thanks anyways!! :)


what?!?! this silly man just sent an email to the owner of the first page that came up in his search without even looking at the website?! though he did say, "By reading your web page," he clearly hadn't! i should have shown up to the event in regular clothes, ate my complimentary lunch and left. i would have brought joy to the childrens' faces.

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Anonymous said...

Hm, why don't you go and sing something?