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Monday, February 15, 2010


this character's name is domo. domo is a pretty cool word according to the "facts" i found on the internet:
"Domo" is a very convenient word (expression), and frequently used by native Japanese speakers. Thanks to the ambiguity of this word, (basically it is an adverb meaning "very") this word can be used on various occasions.

Such as....
When someone gives you a present, you can say "Domo", instead of saying "Thank you".
When you step on someone's foot on the train, you can say,"Domo" instead of saying, "I'm sorry."
When someone died, you can say to the bereaved family, "Domo" in a low voice, instead of saying, "My deepest condolenses."
When you visit someone, you can say "Domo", instead of saying, "Long time no see! How are you doing?"

i wish there was a word like that in the english language.

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