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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spanish Poem Painting

the person that requested this painting wrote a poem that goes like this:

Algunas Ballenas se Pasan la Vida Buscando el Sentido del Mar Durmiendo La Siesta Recostadas a la Orilla de la Luna Dentro de una Pecera Llena de Alcohol

in english that means:

Some whales spend all of their lives sleeping at the seaside of the moon inside a fishbowl filled with alcohol

wow that's darn cool. though i can't put my finger on why i like it so much. it's so whimsical. and peculiar. and playful. and slightly dark. plus there's booze involved. i hope my painting did it justice.

1 comment:

ordago13 said...

The writer of the poem that means me. Says you can use the phrase from my poem for any of your songs or creations freely, i´d love to.