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Monday, October 26, 2009

Beaver County Times Article

i got written about in the newspaper from my hometown.

You can ring her tone

Brighton Township singer-songwriter Ali Spagnola has tapped into one of music’s hottest markets.

Spagnola’s song “Radiation” was chosen by T-Mobile as a ringtone for its MyTouch G3 with Google. That’s the phone promoted by Whoopi Goldberg in a TV commercial.

Spagnola named her song “Radiation” because it begins with the sound you hear in speakers when they’re getting cell phone interference.

“Then I chopped that sound up and mixed it as percussion for the song,” she says on her Web site. “I’m guessing that’s what made them think it would be a cool ringtone.”

It’s a funky little techno-ish tune, you can sample at T-mobile stores.

So cheers to Spagnola, whose previous claim to fame was recording a “power hour” album featuring 60 songs, each one-minute long and dealing with the topic of drinking.

It’s a remarkable album, really.

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