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Friday, February 13, 2009

Awesomeness Experienced

yep the ride was awesome. and i was a part of making something that awesome. awesome.

you are the size of a toy while waiting in line.

i totally know the guy that did the animations for anamatronic mr. potato head.

yeah! there's my screen! it's the one in the cart right between the guns.

my screen working hard to tell you how to play the game

my screen working hard to tell you your score. sorry it's blurry. the ride was moving! i was quite excited about the center medallion flip animation but i'm pretty sure i'm the only rider that ever paid attention.

notice i'm clearly kicking my opponent's butt. ok it was my aunt so maybe not the best competition but i figured i'd definitely be the top scorer in my party. turns out my brother's girlfriend is unstoppable! she totally acted all meek like "oh what's this gun thingy? tee hee" and then smoked everything in her path.

my screen not working! yep that's right. the second time i rode (of course i had to go more than once) the ride broke WHILE I WAS ON IT! i'm a little mad i didn't get to see the screen that says "We're Sorry. This shooter is not working at the moment".

though, i'm not mad that i got to walk through the ride outside of the cart and take some really cool pictures. what are the odds?!

thanks to this "cast member" for releasing the safety bar that kept me stuck in my seat.

i'm so glad i got to go. it was really fun and i genuinely enjoyed the ride not just because i had something to do with it's creation :) i didn't really think about it until i saw it but my designs are in front of thousands of people all day every day. it was pretty darn cool.

side note: Disney thinks these Kanye glasses have 100% UV protection.

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