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Friday, January 23, 2009

Robot with 2 Antennas

it's got a V shaped upper body which is characteristically male but it also looks like it has hips. good thing robots are genderless. there's an interesting twist on that in the movie "WALL-E". WALL-E is the male with a male name and appearance while Eve has the female name and appearance. yet WALL-E demonstrates traits that are typically feminine. he is needy, romantic, caring and emotional. Eve is cold, powerful and distant which are typically viewed as male traits. So maybe WALL-E is a boy with stereotypically female traits like you initially think. or maybe WALL-E is a girl that looks like a boy. and vice versa for Eve. maybe Eve and WALL-E are both boys or both girls. or both some third gender that only robots have. either way it's great that this movie could subtly break gender stereotypes especially because it came from a company that created Snow White and Cinderella! then again i may be looking to much in to this. disney sure made some cute robots.

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