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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Toaster With Toast

my second toaster painting. the first one i did wasn't for a request. i chose to do for a gallery a few weeks ago because i figured no one would request a toaster...then someone did. he specified he'd like it to have toast popping out. it must be a magic toaster because it toasted without electicity. the last one i painted had a plug. maybe the plug is behind where you can't see it. or it's solar powered. green toast!


Anonymous said...

dude your stuff is to contrasting, some of it is at an insane skill level, and some of it is nothing compared to your better work. Your realism is crazy good, while a good half of your carttoon pieces are cliche with a poor compisition. You need to weed out the weeds because you have potential. -Dave mckean, of Pixar animation.

Ali Spagnola said...

wow, thanks so much for the feedback! if you have the time, i'd looooove to talk further with you. i'm not quite clear on what pieces you're talking about when you mention realism. please email me! ( i'd really appreciate the chance to chat :)