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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Eat Ass

i painted this little 8x10" creature for my friend that i shall not name because she'd probably be embarassed i'm telling this story. but anyways, i had texted this friend about going to get ice cream or something equally unhealthy. she responded by telling me that she wanted to come because she was a fat ass. the only problem was that she didn't take into account the fact that her cell phone T9 predictive text program thinks "fat" and "eat" are the same word. so i ended up getting at text that said, "i am an eat ass". quite funny. then she asked me what an eat ass looked like. then she said she was going to google image search it to find out. i quickly advised her that searching the internet for the words "eat" and "ass" together wasn't such a good idea. i had to design this character so she could know what an eat ass looks like without risking asking google.

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