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Friday, October 26, 2007

Free of Style

i've posted late a few times recently because i've been working a lot on another project. i'm in a dance group called 5LMT [] and we've been putting together a two day dance convention. it's called Free of Style [].

i did the web design for the project and i wrote all the music that everyone will be dancing to at the event. the 15 hip-hop/dance tracks are going to be my third album titled "Free of Style".

i'm really excited that a lot of famous choreographers will be teaching to my music. and its going to be at pittsburgh's giant convention center. i can't describe all the details of the event quickly and chances are you ended up at my blog reading this because you like art or freeloading. but if i've got some readers out there that are dancers or might be interested, go check out the site. oh yeah and the design i made for my album cover is also a t-shirt that we'll have at the event.


Joshua Darker-Parry said...

How much are these T-shirts. Will i be able to buy one? and where from?

Joshua said...

Thank you

Ali Spagnola said...

sorry :\ they're no longer in production