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Monday, April 18, 2016

A (Hopefully) Good Reason for This Lapse

No, I haven't been laying at a pool for weeks. I got accepted as one of the creators in this year's NextUp! I'm spending the week doing 12-hour days at the YouTube Space LA. It's seriously cutting into my painting but will also seriously improve my videos. So I hope you'll understand :) I'll be back posting again once I've graduated!


Anonymous said...

no one cares. who did you fuck to get accepted because thats ALL the talent you have you titless man looking dyke cunt.

Blood Orange said...

Why someone is hassling you for creating art and expressing yourself to the world is completely beyond my comprehensive capacity. I admire you for being committed to your blogs and various artform explorations. Keep it up, Ali!

Anonymous said...

stfu Blood Orange, Ali Spagnola is a con artist, a scammer, and alcoholic, and is a hypocrite who refuses to come out of the closet despite MOUNTAINS of photos and evidence showing she is a vagina licking dyke.

fuck her.

Anonymous said...

I think shes laying in someones bed instead as she got an afternoon booty call today & was dressed to undress with those white daisy dukes and that thin pink rag as a top.I wonder if that dog joined in? Gay or Bi? That is the question.