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Monday, March 7, 2016

Three Terribly Popular Terrible Things

This painting is for the guy in the center but it was requested by his friend. When I read the first sentence of his request email asking for a portrait with Garfield, a Minion and the catchphrase from The Big Bang Theory, I thought, "Oh yeah. Those things are very popular and of course he'd want them all together." I mean, I've painted Garfield and Minions before and I watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory because there was so much buzz about it. Then I read the second sentence of his request email which stated, "These are the three things this man despises most in this world." And then I realized, "Oh yeah. Those things are not just very popular but also very terrible." Garfield: You only need to make one joke about Monday and we get it, not thousands. Minions: Merchandise with those little, yellow, irritating characters has taken over every aspect of American life in a very disturbing way. The Big Bang Theory: The reason I watched AN episode is because I couldn't get past the first. I feel weird writing these things because I know just how much people love them. I mean, my earlier Garfield painting was for a friend of mine who adores the comic. I'm impressed the soon-owner of this painting is able to assert his distaste for such well-loved things to the point where his friend decided he needs a painting surrounded by them. I'm pretty sure I would be friends with that guy in the center.

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