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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Loose End

In 2013, I held a crowdfunding campaign to tour my concert across the country. Here's that business if you didn't hear me rant about it back then. One of the reward levels was an original painting from me. 70 people claimed that reward. 69 people responded with their mailing address once I had finished their painting after a couple months. I didn't hear back from the guy that asked for a baby kraken. I followed up a few times but I ended up auctioning off the painting for charity at DEFCON 2014 because he never responded. Until now! He messaged me recently, very politely asking if I'd gotten to his painting. Over two years later. So duh, I painted him a new, even better version. (But don't tell the original painting I said that.) I'm really glad there's no longer a debit I owe floating out there in the universe.

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