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Monday, August 24, 2015

Depends How Smart She Is

I'm not sure if this gal is a test animal or the pilot.


The Steve said...

I masturbated with my mom's underwear today.


Anonymous said...

Faggot fucking sad a 47 year old convicted child molester who works at Sears in Florida as he cant fine work anywhere else because he is a felon,lives with his mommy & sisters who he rapes nightly I bet

Ali Spagnola said...

I have one IP address from somewhere in NJ and another one (the top one to be precise) from Salt Lake City. This is the LAST warning I am giving you two fuckwits. Take your feud somewhere else and off of my blog or I will take steps to ensure BOTH of you are outed and then I will pursue any legal action against you two for disrupting my business.

Take this shit to Reddit.