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Friday, July 31, 2015

Name Dropping Internet Celebs

this is Strawburry17's logo. she's a YouTuber! it was just her birthday and this was my gift to her. now that i think about it, is it conceited to have art of your own branding? i mean, i'd hang my own stuff. but i'm also an internet person which inherently means i'm conceited.


Anonymous said...

no one cares about your menstruating vagina

Anonymous said...

honestly.................who in the fuck are you???? came out of nowhere you are not on television,you are not in movies,you dont even have a big record contract which in my eyes you aint shit!the internet has made people think they are celebs but they are fucking nobody except leeches like you who never worked a hard day in youre life,never went to acting school,have zero acting ability the only talent you have is being a low life cockroach sponging off the success of others.Fuck you & I hope you get the fucking worst case of pussy & tit cancer & I hope your mom dies of pussy & tit cancer too!

Anonymous said...

right! who is this broad??? she started following me on Twitter & I blocked her,jesus fucking christ has the interweb gone completely nuts? this is a strange world we now live in.