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Monday, August 18, 2014

That Would Be Some Very Effective Art

today starts a series of six feminist paintings. i hope by the time i'm finished with them, women have equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights.


jess buckley said...

I really love this!

Anonymous said...

how can you be a feminist when you begged for an Instagram millionaire to have sex with you, promote alcoholism, do webcasts in your panties, suck and fuck to get free studio time, and generally behave like an attention seeking little spoiled rich whore?

now stfu and make me a sammich Alicia!

Anonymous said...

Feminists sprout lies and half-truths to further their radical agenda to feminize society such as the wage gap myth and the myth that domestic violence is only initiated by males. They fund their harmful activities with bogus feminist studies to receive more tax payer money. They fancy double-standards such as demanding respect from men, while not showing similar respect back, and fighting for female-only government services while opposing the same type of services for men.

Oh yeah, we totally forgot, they don't have to sign up for the draft and die for their country like men are forced to do. That wouldn't be fair and equal to them. Physically intensive, hazardous work is avoided by women in general in favor of clean and safe office jobs. This means men have to pick up the slack or civilization would crumble.

Anonymous said...

Jess Buckley you probably licked all inside Ali's wet love pudding didn't you, you wanton harlot.