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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Three Paintings, a Video and a Live Podcast

sorry i flaked for two days in a row! i certainly think excuses are lame. but i'm telling you my reason anyway because you may be interested. i'm performing on the NSFWshow podcast tonight (yay!) and they asked for an original song (whoa!). they also gave me four days notice about it (gah!). so working like crazy on that all weekend made me forget to post my paintings. in case you'd like to hear the new song, it can be found right here. and you can watch me tonight at 10:00pm right here.

i was given the amazing challenge of en-cute-ifying. the image below. 'twas quite fun.

this unicorn is pretty happy and gay. which is redundant to say about a unicorn. also he looks to be the other kind of gay. that, too, may be redundant. perhaps that's why they became extinct.

there are two paws in this photo. and one hand.

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