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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Palaverous Poem Painting

i'm not posting for the rest of the weekend because i'm going to NYC to play at the Brooklyn Bowl!! holycrap. now i have something in common with kanye and adele because they've both performed there. am i cool enough to go by one name yet?

the requester wanted "A man, wearing a suit, on wooden stilts, with his head in a cloud." he said it was based on the poem [below] called "To Others Than You". i wonder if i made the clouds cunning enough. Friend by enemy I call you out.
You with a bad coin in your socket,
You my friend there with a winning air
Who palmed the lie on me when you looked
Brassily at my shyest secret,
Enticed with twinkling bits of the eye
Till the sweet tooth of my love bit dry,
Rasped at last, and I stumbled and sucked,
Whom now I conjure to stand as thief
In the memory worked by mirrors,
With unforgettably smiling act,
Quickness of hand in the velvet glove
And my whole heart under your hammer,
Were once such a creature, so gay and frank
A desireless familiar
I never thought to utter or think
While you displaced a truth in the air,
That though I loved them for their faults
As much as for their good,
My friends were enemies on stilts
With their heads in a cunning cloud.

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