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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Go, Algae!

this is for the team known as the alabama crimson tide. crimson tide is where a bunch of algae in water on the coast makes it looks red. alabama felt the best mascot to represent that phenomenon was an elephant. ya know, the big african (or asian) land mammal. crimson tide = elephant. yep.

also, this looks like i made a joke painting that's saying "'A' is for elephant". i find this hilarious and it makes me want to do a 26-painting series of a prank alphabet. a kangaroo behind the letter B. a zebra behind the letter C. a pig behind the letter D. seriously, i find this really funny. i think because i imagine it would cause a mix of confusion and anger which is a hilarious combination.

1 comment:

Teia said...

hahahaha you HAVE to do the prank alphabet! that would be awesome!