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Friday, April 1, 2011

Just Because They Didn't Make It Doesn't Mean You Won't Like Them

i've had a series of bad luck occurrences with my songwriting lately so i figured compile them into on place for the world to see.

a while ago, Regis and Kelly hosted a contest to write their new theme song. they ended up canceling the contest but only after i composed the song. then just recently the exact same thing happened with another contest to write the song that the Pittsburgh Pirates play after every home game win. i also just recently wrote a song for a pop musician in London. he ended up leaving the manager that had me write the song so he never got to record it. boo too all of these. the failed songs are below for your listening pleasure.

Too Much For You
Pirates Win Song
Regis and Kelly Theme

1 comment:

thomas said...

Crap you're good at that genre stuff. The unused contest songs, even if i didn't know their intended use before hand, i would still would absolutely know just by listening to them.

The one for the guy in london isn't half as good your Ego stuff, though.