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Monday, August 9, 2010

My Influence Was My Own Design

this request was for a rose and i decided to base it on one of the designs i just created for a game my company is working on called Pocket Garden Game. (by the way, i did the web design for that site, too.) you grow virtual flowers by using your mobile phone's GPS to "plant" them all around the world. this rose is one of the fully grown ones you can unlock. and you're actually not supposed to see it until you earn it within the game. so don't look at the image below because i'm not supposed to disclose secret stuff like that.

i'm a terrible employee. it's a good thing no one reads my blog. which also means my plug for the game was useless. actually, the only one of my coworkers that follows my rss is our former producer that just left the company so haha he can't fire me now. (hi andy!)

1 comment:

thomas said...

Every time you say no one reads your blog i disappear a little more. You know, like a fairy no one believes in. Only I'm a totally awesome and manly fairy, like the Arnold Schwarzenegger parody from Fairly Oddparents.

Also, you're fired.