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Friday, July 30, 2010

Ladybugs Are Swift and Powerful Killers

i was asked to paint a ladybird. apparently ladybugs eat ladybirds because in every image i found when i searched for ladybird, a ladybug had dove into the frame and annihilated the ladybird just before the picture was taken. since ladybugs have such an insatiable appetite which destroys any photographer's hope of capturing an image of a ladybird, i had no way of knowing what a ladybird looks like. i painted a ladybug instead. i hope the requester doesn't mind.

1 comment:

thomas said...

Every time i see a ladybug i have to suppress the urge to squish it, because i have an ex who through a retarded need for our relationship to mirror a Meg Ryan/Sandra Bullock/Jennifer Anniston/Jennifer Lopez movie manufactured a moment in which ladybug became my pet name for her even though i never once addressed her s such. God people suck.

I give awesome nicknames, like Sexy Hitler or El Capitan Magnifico. Ladybug would only be one if they really were vicious killers. Because that's awesome. Or if the girl were really cute but disgusting inside like a bug. That might work. But not really.