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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Japanese Red-Crowned Crane

i missed posting yesterday but i can actually say it's not my fault. i did remember but my internet wasn't working cause my roomate screwed up the automatic bill payment and they shut it off. though that story sounds TOO typical to be true.

"crane on a rock" is a karate kata (a choreographed series of movements) known as Gankaku. wikipedia says it's very advanced. i don't know the criteria for naming karate moves but it certainly isn't intimidation because this guy doesn't look very tough.

this is for an architecture student that asked me to paint my interpretation of architectural design. i figured he has a set of these laying on his desk cause they're used for manual drafting. actually, he probably uses computer aided design and may never have seen one of these. but doing a painting of software isn't very cool.

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