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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Patrick Wolf

this guy is a singer songwriter from london. i've never heard of him though he seems to be pretty famous. of course that judgement was based on his number of MySpace fans, quantity of tour dates and quality of his site's web design but i don't really know. wikipedia says "Patrick utilises a wide variety of instruments in his music, most commonly the ukulele, piano and viola. Known for combining electronic sampling with classical instruments, Wolf's styles range from Romantic folk to techno-pop." well that sounds pretty cool. i think i'll give him a listen now. of course a good artist would have listened before creating the portrait to allow his music to influence the painting. good thing i'm not just a good artist. i'm a great one, hah!

1 comment:

DasBoogs said...

What a tool! HE looks like he should be in Legend of Zelda or something. The painting you did really supports my theory.