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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two Cats

i forgot to post during the week again. i need to get a system that reminds me. maybe i could put my blog as my homepage. if anyone saw that it would come off pretty sad.

well it just so happens that i got two cat portrait requests (with a plethora of photo references) in a row. so these two felines get to be posted together.

according to it's owner, this cat is "pretty ugly and really fat". of all the photos she sent, i tried to choose the cutest one for reference (shown first). then i tried to up the cuteness on that one. this resulted in a somewhat accurate, adorable cat painting.

below is the photo reference for this painting. he just looks so big (and disgruntled about it) that i had to make him barely fit in the canvas.

this cat is not actually that fat. below are not "after" photos for a cat diet. it's just that the photo i chose to use is unflattering. well actually, i don't know about cat culture. maybe fat is fashionable for cats and i did this guy a favor by painting him so attractively.

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