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Friday, January 25, 2008

Robot Music Videos

i worked with carnegie mellon, daniel h. wilson (the author of "how to survive a robot uprising") and keepon (a dancing yellow robot used for therapy) to make some promotional videos for the school. they used 5 of my songs and i got to dance with the robot in the last video!!

if you like the songs you can buy them at my store. the first video features "Finale: The Flying Penguin" from my First Album and then "Midnight" from Free Of Style. the second video opens with "Radiation" from Free Of Style and closes with "Overture: The Demo" from my First Album. The final video uses the song titled Keep On from Free Of Style. you can also find them on iTunes.

this robophone thing was developed at cmu.

daniel reads his book and tries to decide if keepon is hostile. for the opening music i sampled the sounds that happen when you get interference from cell phones and then used them as percussion.

the little robot auditions for my dance group. i had trouble performing with him because i was distracted by his unbelievable cuteness.

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