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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Raccoon and Squid

i posted later than my usual time today. thats because i was at my JOB. that's right! a job. that i go to and do work.....part time......even better! its at an animation studio which is swell. day one went well. i'm not a bitter cog in the workforce yet. and still painting:

this painting is absurd. the requester asked for a combination of any two animals and one of them had to be a squid. actually, that request is kind of absurd too. first of all, its not "any two animals" if one must be a certain type. and why didn't he care what the second animal would be?? why would two animals be so important but the kind of animal doesn't matter?!

i decided on a raccoon for the second creature because its the last thing i would think to see hanging out in the ocean with a squid. oh and to make it more absurd, this is taking place in the daytime and raccoons are nocturnal. aaaand, the guy that wanted this hasn't responded to my email when i attached a picture of his painting asking if i could mail it to him so i'm going to have to get someone else to take it from me. i'll just have to find another person that wants a painting of a squid and a raccoon.....what?! it even sounds ridiculous when i write it out. a PAINTING of a SQUID and a RACCOON. absurd.

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