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Sunday, July 15, 2007

One Square Foot Of Art A Day

as you may have noticed, i haven't been posting that often to my blog or to my free paintings lately. i've been working on my 3-d animation reel in attempt to make myself look hireable. i'll post something about that when its more finished.

though i'm still animating, i've decided to start posting to my blog regularly. hopefully one post a day will give me some sense of accomplishment. so i'm going to paint one free painting a day, every day, and write about it. (and of course mail it to the person that requested it.) up until now i was working on many paintings at a time and was mailing them out in batches. i was told i was going to get burned out but i didn't believe it. it did start to get wearing. thats another reason why havent posted in a while. it is also really frustrating because shipping and supplies are expensive. the harder i work, more my bank account DECREASES. there's something wrong with this picture. i get punished for being productive. but i'm not going to stop. i think this new one-a-day practice will put some life back into my art.

so here goes...i'm going to create one square foot of art a day.

i'll start tomorrow haha

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