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Friday, May 6, 2016

Calvin Is Thinking Hard About This

Well if you watched my video from yesterday, you've already seen this guy. But not this professional-art-documentation photograph of him. Oh wait, you have to get paid to do something before it's professional.


Anonymous said...

Calvin is thinking about what a swollen hairy vagina you have based on your pics.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So it seems that your new angle is to show very little now on snap which is odd coming from an attention whore & a straight up whore just like your mom Cheryl & thats because theres SOMEONE in the picture now & you dont want to reveal anything for fear of retaliation either physically or monetary ie Patreon.You want to keep it on the downlow like the Michelle Riches thing back here in Pittsburgh huh kayak cunt?well not to worry as anyone you are with will suffer the same fate as you painful & devastating so get ready for the worst as its approaching midnight

Anonymous said...

And that someone in the picture is Christopher Rutkowski who just so happens to be at that little wrap pool fuck and suck party and your sauna buddy huh bitch? Well Im going to pay a visit to you and that motherfucker from Hagen Germany and it will not be pleasant.

Anonymous said...

This womans livestreams are cringe worthy piles of vomit and need to stop as a matter of fact her slacker career needs to disappear as she has stained the internet.Sorry but that is the truth and another thing why do you workout & eat healthy yet drink booze & from one of your youtube videos smoke cigarettes? And why do you have this nudity obsession? Lack of inhibitors & drug addiction are a sign of mental illness and so is homosexuality.By the way I am an atheist & a medical scientist so the gay lifestyle makes no sense to me.